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…from our Principal

Michelle Crofts

I am delighted to welcome you to our new MFG website, which we will be expanding further in coming months. I hope you will find it to be an interesting window into our school and a useful source of information, whether you are a current or prospective parent or student.

This is an exciting time to be part of Matthew Flinders Girls. Over recent years we have developed innovative new digital technology subjects, introduced a new well-being focus and built a strong STEAM program. We’ve also set up a new leadership structure, visited our sister schools in Reunion Island and Lombok, seen our talented Sweethearts band win international acclaim and built a wonderful inner-city garden.  And, we’ve been busy planning for an extensive renovation of our old buildings, which will deliver fantastic new learning, collaboration and recreational spaces for our students.

Our students, staff and parents all play a vital role in creating and contributing to the MFG community in different but complementary ways:

  • our students, through their involvement in school life and the way they support one another
  • our staff, through their profound influence on learning, and helping our students to be their best
  • our parents and carers, through their support of our girls’ experiences, challenges and opportunities at school.

If you are already a part of our school community, I thank you for the role you play and I welcome your ongoing participation in the busy life of MFG.

If you are considering sending your daughter to MFG, I encourage you to read this site, attend our Information Sessions and sign up for a tour of the school. When you visit us, you might be interested to see our new buildings taking shape, or find out about our comprehensive curriculum or hear about our wide range of camps and activities. However, interesting as these things are, I do hope you can get a sense of our wonderful community, with its spirit of sisterhood and mutual support, as I believe it is this that makes MFG a truly special place for your daughter’s secondary education.


 … our School Council President

Juliet Williams

On behalf of the Matthew Flinders Girls’ Secondary College Council, may I warmly welcome you to the MFG community.

The College Council meets about eight times each year and it consists of members of the College executive, elected staff members, elected parents and (invited) community members.  Our student leaders attend Council meeting also.

The Council assists in the efficient governance of the College by ensuring its decisions are in the best interests of our students, seeking to enhance the educational opportunities of our students and ensuring the Council complies with the requirements of the Education Act.

The Council:

  • helps to establish the broad direction and vision of the College
  • approves the annual budget and monitors expenditure
  • develops and periodically reviews various school policies
  • ensures the school’s grounds and facilities are properly maintained and
  • informs itself of, and takes account of, the views of the community.

If you are interested in supporting our wonderful school by serving on the Council, please let our Principal Ms Michelle Crofts know.  Please don’t be shy!


... and our students.

Hi, I’m Sarah Garlick and I am one of the MFG College Captains for 2020. I am beyond thrilled to take on this leadership position here at our school and to be working alongside Grace and the rest of the leadership team this year.

I have been studying at Matthew Flinders since year 7 and I loved every minute of it. I always enjoy coming to school, ready to learn surrounded by an extremely supportive community. I don’t really have a favourite subject at school because I thoroughly enjoy them all.

I’m an avid reader and I have been since I was very young, and I have recently been branching out and reading some other genres that I am not entirely familiar with.

I have a great love for music, all aspects of it from listening to my favourite songs to making my own music. I mainly play guitar as my instrument of choice however I know just a little of piano and ukulele.

Hello all, I’m Grace Robson, known to you as a 2020 College Captain. I feel honoured to act with Sarah as a positive presence and representative to my beloved school.

In this get-to-know-you article, I could talk about my academic background and hopes for my future, but I’d rather portray myself on a more personal level, so here are five facts about me:

I am a stationary fiend and an organisation lover. I fractured my leg these holidays when my younger brother tackled me down a hill. I have been taking dance classes for nine years. I’m a sudoku enthusiast. I’m a fan of any films, music, fashion, culture, etc. from the 80s.