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All young people are faced with a variety of physical, social, emotional and personal challenges. At MFG, we are committed to nurturing the health and wellbeing of our students throughout their secondary school years and we have several key programs and structures in place to achieve this.

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Our House Pastoral System

The MFG House system assists our students to develop friendships and connections across the different year levels. In 2015 our students undertook a project to re-name our four Houses.  Research, discussion and collaboration right across the school resulted in the choice of four Australians who had significantly shaped the destiny of women in Australia – Beachley, Freeman, Gilmore and Lipson.

Beachley House is named after the iconic female World Champion Australian surfer, Layne Beachley. Layne won seven World Championships in surfing and holds the title for the most consecutive world surfing titles, male or female. Layne established the ‘Aim for the Stars’ Foundation to inspire and empower young girls and women to invest in their future and fulfil their potential to reach their goals. Beachley House reminds us that:

  • women can do anything if they put their minds to it
  • we must have the courage to try new things and to make the effort to realise them
  • strength comes from being united and we need to encourage and support one another.

Freeman House is named after Catherine Freeman who in 1990, at the age of 16, became the first Aboriginal person to become a Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist. She went on to even greater things at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, where Cathy won the 400 metres Gold Medal. Many will remember her wearing that famous green body suit! Cathy Freeman is also is the founder of the ‘Cathy Freeman Foundation’, which supports Indigenous communities to recognise the power of education and helps them achieve their hopes and dreams.

Freeman House reminds us that:

  • it is important to honour the culture of our Indigenous peoples
  • the power of education can change people’s lives
  • we must embrace every opportunity available to us.

Gilmore House is named after Dame Mary Gilmore (1865-1962), whose picture is on our $10 note. She was an accomplished poet and a writer. She was honoured with an OBE and awarded the title, Dame.  She was the first person to be granted this award for services to literature.  Dame Mary Gilmore was also a feminist with a very strong sense of social justice. She campaigned for better working conditions for working women, for children’s welfare and improving the lives of Indigenous Australians. Gilmore House reminds us that:

  • it is important to care for those who need our help
  • we must stand up for what we believe in
  • we should all strive for a fair and just world for everyone.

Lipson House is named after Ross Lipson, a former Science teacher at MFG who had a great love of learning. His passions included surfing, science and the environment. Ross was also deeply passionate about music. In 1989 he established the Sweethearts Program at Matthew Flinders Girls. A key focus for Ross was inspiring young women to play music in real life contexts; to experience what it was like to be a musician but in a context that was supportive and nurturing. Lipson House reminds us of:

  • the importance of the Arts for our souls
  • the importance of using our gifts and talents for the benefit of others
  • the need to ‘live in the moment.’

The Safe and Supportive Team

At MFG we provide an inclusive social, academic and emotional learning environment for all of our students.

Our Student Engagement and Safe and Supportive Learning Team includes a multi-disciplinary group of people comprising our: Safe and Supportive Learning Leading Teacher, House Leaders, Program for Disabilities Coordinator, school nurse, mental health nurse practitioner and learning mentors.

We pride ourselves in our knowledge and understanding of the correlation between learning and wellbeing, and we work collaboratively with our parents, carers and families to ensure we are providing the best possible learning and wellbeing outcomes for all of our students.