If you live anywhere in the Geelong Region, MFG is likely to be your local State Government Girls’ School. In order to enrol from Year 6 to 7, please select us as your first preference on your transition form. Click here to find out more.

SEAL Program


Matthew Flinders Girls offers the accredited Select Entry Advanced Learning Program in Years 7-9. Entry is by examination and interview.

MFG is a member of The Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools.

Year 7-8

In the 2018 Year 7 SEAL Program we are introducing a new focus on Positive Psychology where we will embrace elements of altruism, risk taking, gratitude and resilience.

Intellectual Character

Our current SEAL Program has an academic focus which includes:

  • Learning to use visible thinking routines that can be applied across all subjects and a focus on developing each student’s intellectual character
  • Tasks that ‘dig deeper’ into concepts – extension and enrichment in relation to  concepts and skills
  • Fostering a ‘yet’ attitude (‘I haven’t mastered something yet but I will with continued persistence, effort and hard-work’).

Personal and Social Character

Our SEALP girls will also participate in:

  • Personal goal setting and the use of ‘Learning Logs’ and ‘Learning Journals’
  • An Outdoor Education Program – which will develop their skills in Year 7-9 so that they can complete Unit 1&2 Outdoor Education in Year 10.
  • Community Service Activities
  • Musical Futures approach to Music
  • Resilience Doughnut Program
  • Tournament of Minds
  • Girls’ Invent Program

Year 9 – Extended Investigation

Year 9 presents a unique opportunity – a chance for our SEAL students to explore a big question and topic of interest in great depth and really ‘dig deep’.  This is our Extended Investigation Project, based on the VCE Extended Investigation.

Our SEALP students may also complete the following:

  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Upstart Program
  • Philosophy Program and Writing Day Camp
  • STEAM projects
  • Coaching/Referee Courses
  • Level 2 First Aid Certificate
  • Bronze Medallion

The year 9 SEALP class also has opportunities mix with mainstream students and participate in:

  • Elective subjects with mainstream students
  • International Trips to Reunion Island, France, Lombok and World Challenge
  • School camps
  • The Great Victorian Bike Ride
  • Interschool Sports
  • School Performing Arts activities and our Instrumental Music Program

How do you apply?

To gain entry into our SEAL Program a student must show they are curious, keen to learn and willing to support their peers to learn too. They need to be involved in co-curricular activities and interests outside of school. In addition, they need to perform well on a series of tests – a numeracy test, a reading-comprehension test and a short writing task.

For further information please contact our office on 03 4243 0500